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Meet Your Trainer

Owner & Head Trainer
Ashley Transtrum

Dogs have been a major aspect throughout my entire life, and I am lucky enough to work with dogs and their owners every day. At 10 years old I was enrolled in my first dog training class during my summer break. I spent that summer working with my dog, Sasha, between each weekly training class. The training and time spent helped me form a stronger bond with Sasha and taught me how to develop better behaviors with my companion. A couple of years later I joined my local Dog 4-H club, where I competed at county and state levels in dog obedience, confirmation, showmanship, and agility disciplines. This shaped my love of training, building a relationship with my dog, competing,  setting goals, and laid the foundation for pursuing my passion for training dogs.


In addition to running a business and training dogs full-time now, I enjoy competing with my own dogs in various events. My dogs love dock diving, barn hunt, bite work, Fast CAT, scent detection (2 of my dogs are Certified Narcotic Detection Dogs), tracking & blood trailing, bird hunting, shed hunting, agility, and always trying something new! Outside of competition life, I love the outdoors including hiking, horseback riding, camping, paddle boarding, and traveling.  I also responsibly breed Weimaraners (Blue Phantom Kennels) for sport dogs, hunting dogs, and good family companions. 

Experience & Credentials:

Besides pet obedience and puppy development training, I have experience handling and training working dogs, mostly Police K9's for narcotic/bomb detection, apprehension, tracking and the occasional personal protection or search and rescue K9. Previously before starting my own company, I developed and managed pet training services for another business, working with countless of dogs and owners.

I have traveled to various states to work with a variety of trainers. For some time, I volunteered with a local dog club helping owners understand their dogs better. In addition, for numerous years I gained hands-on experience with shelter dogs working with various breeds and temperaments especially ones with extremely difficult behaviors.  Aggressive dogs, reactive dogs, fearful dogs, timid dogs, all of them. Valuable hands-on training and experience to better serve your dog today.


My toolbox is always open for more knowledge and skills because I understand every owner and dog is different. I continue to attend seminars from the best in the business and never will quit learning and growing. Dog trainers must adapt to what that dog and owner need and at the end of the day, training is mostly about teaching YOU. I work on helping you understand your dog. I want owners to have a good relationship with their dogs and enjoy time with them for years to come. At the end of the day, you should be able to trust your dog and trust your training. 

I've spent years building my skill set, learning a deeper knowledge of behaviors and canine psychology, and becoming versatile in technique and approach in dog training. Although this industry doesn't require certification to become a "dog trainer" and anyone can take your money while lacking in credentials, I strongly believe in providing quality and professional services. I strive for excellence in being a reputable dog trainer and business owner, and the dogs I train are testimonials of the results of my knowledge and skill set.

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