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Let's Barn Hunt!

I have been training dogs and competing in Barn Hunt since 2017. It is a very fun and addicting dog sport! You work together with your dog as you move through the ring. You learn to trust your dog when they tell you they found the rat. You watch their body language as they hunt and work odor for the rat. I have enjoyed helping people get started with their dogs and compete in Barn Hunt as they earn titles and ribbons, but mostly just having a blast in the ring! Now let's go call "RAT"! 

My personal dogs' Barn Hunt achievements.

Larry (Border Collie X Catahoula Leopard Dog) RATCH Title (15 master runs), Gold Crazy 8's (1500 points)

Raven (Weimaraner) Senior Title

Nala (Weimaraner) Senior Title

Finn (Weimaraner) Novice Title

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