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Professional, Experienced Training

Blue Phantom Dog Training has a passion in helping owners understand their dogs and teach dogs reliable behaviors. Training gives owners the freedom to do more with their dogs. We want to help improve your relationship with your dog so you can go enjoy life together!

Go hiking off-leash and have your dog come when called. Enjoy time at the park with a dog that listens. Travel safely with your dog. Take weight off your shoulders with a dog that doesn't jump on guests or dash out the front door. 


Learn to trust your dog with Blue Phantom Dog Training.

Puppy Head Start.

Basic, Intermediate, Advanced Obedience.

Off-Leash Freedom Training.

Behavior Modification.

Scent Detection and Tracking.

Shed Dog Hunting.

Trick Training.

Barn Hunt.

Canine Good Citizen Testing.


Contact us to help you reach your training goals!

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